Basic loans, savings, checking accounts--oh my! Thx to our panelists for sharing key financial tips with a room full of eager first generation college students from Boost at @BerkeleyHaas. And thx to UWBA's Emerging Leaders, @WellsFargo and @Starbucks for the collaboration!

7.5 million Californians do not have access to a retirement savings program through work. Two-thirds work for small businesses, two-thirds are people of color + nearly 60 percent are women. Check out how UWBA + @CalSavers have teamed up to address this.

#RealCost2019 report finds more than 1/3 of Californians struggle to cover basic costs of living:

= 37% of households statewide

= over 3.8 million families across CA

= 3 times higher than federal statistics indicate

Read the report:


Thank you to @Target Bay Area stores for another great employee giving campaign! We are grateful for your support of our work, serving hundreds of thousands of Bay Area individuals and families build brighter futures. Thank you for being a community champion! #LiveUnited

Meet Oscar. He is part of UWBA's Emerging Leaders, a group of philanthropic young professionals dedicated to fighting poverty in the Bay Area. Read why he is dedicated to inspiring change in his community.

The Real Cost Measure Report finds that over 1 in 3 households in CA struggle to meet basic living costs, which is roughly 3x as many as federal poverty statistics would indicate. Read more stats here: #California #poverty #realcostmeasure @UnitedWaysCA

Over 28% of families in the San Francisco Bay Area struggle to meet basic needs according to new @UnitedWaysCA report Struggling to Stay Afloat: The Real Cost Measure in California 2019 Check out #RealCost2019 Report here

#Breaking #RealCost2019 report finds CA households from all racial/ethnic backgrounds struggle to cover basic costs of living:

= Latinx + Black households are least likely to be able to meet basic needs.

= White + API households also suffer.

Read more:

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