See what happens when you bring 90 San Francisco students together with 50 volunteer career coaches for an afternoon of career soul-searching! Watch video. #OnTrackUWBA #youth #careerexpo

Do you still need to do your taxes?
If so, we are here for you...
Get the most IRS refund possible for free!
Earn It! Keep It! Save It! is a coalition led by United Way Bay Area #PreTaxPrep #CalEITC #VITA #TaxesAreHard #WeMakeThemEasy

Do you know someone that still need to do your taxes & made less than $55k? If so, we are here for you. Get the most IRS refund possible for free!
#PreTaxPrep #CalEITC #VITA #TaxesAreHard #WeMakeThemEasy

A5: @GavinNewsom is proposing to more than double the #CalEITC so that as many as 3 million Californians can benefit, a massive cost of living refund to help address the state's affordability crisis. (Image via @CalBudgetCenter) #CalEITCtalk

@CalEITC4Me A5: The proposed expansion of #CalEITC would make it available to roughly 3 million families & double the # of tax credits provided! Simple state tax law changes would establish a resilient funding source to help Californians in building stronger financial futures. #CalEITCtalk

A5: Ensure that families who need the credit the most know about it and receive it, through an investment in education and outreach. #CalEITCTalk

A4: CalEITC boosts our local economy, while also helping families move toward financial stability. Last year more than $348 million were distributed back to families and into the economy. #CalEITCTalk

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