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  • Jobs Now

    Agency: JOBS NOW

    Reimburses qualified employers for hiring low income, unemployed or underemployed San Francisco parents. Places participants into jobs that pay at least the minimum wage in San Francisco per hour.

    • Southeast Center
      1800 Oakdale Avenue
      San Francisco, CA 94124

    • Mission Center
      3120 Mission Street
      San Francisco, CA 94110

    Agency: JOBS NOW

    Languages Available: Varies according to location, English

    Payment Description: No fee

    Intake and Eligibility: Job seekers must be unemployed or underemployed resident of San Francisco, provide proof of right to work, and be parent of at least one child under the age of 18 (even if you do not live with that child). If the applicant is employed, income in the past month should not exceed the income requirements (see chart below) <br /> <br />Family Size, Maximum Gross Income in the Past Month <br />1 ->$1,805 <br />2 ->$2,428 <br />3 ->$3,052 <br />4 ->$3,675 <br />5 ->$4,298 <br />6 ->$4,922 <br />7 ->$5,545 <br />8 ->$6,168

    Areas Served:
    • San Francisco County

    - Job Finding Assistance

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